Social media and motherhood are a new world to me and both came together in the same year. I’m enjoying both, making plenty of mistakes regularly but succeeding daily too. I was born and raised in County Limerick and did a degree in Intellectual Disability Nursing in The University of Limerick. I went straight from there to The University of Swansea and completed a masters in Applied behaviour Analysis (ABA). I’ve worked with children and teenagers with Autism since, on a career break right now so just analysing the family currently! Rob is my husband, a Kildare man. Ned and Billy are my sons. Muligan is our Sausage dog but more like the first born if we’re honest!



My love for the Instagram community and all the amazing friendships and support that it has brought is why I started “Thoughts, Tots and Tea”. I hope you enjoy and please don’t be afraid to engage and have the chats!

¬† ¬† We don’t have it altogether but together we have it all

I’ll rant and ramble about my family life which in my eyes can include all number of topics from parenting, fertility, children’s fashion, toddler approved recipes, days out, doggies, friendship and general juggling! Follow me on Instagram @deehollhan and check out my Instagram¬†stories for some day to day scrambling!